[ot] [spam] Translation of Friday's XKCD

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 13:27:45 PST 2021

The original XKCD is at https://xkcd.com/2421/

Panel 1:
[picture of complex network of server farms]

Code Monkey: Our hyperintelligence is complete!
Machine Learning Researcher: Let's spin it up and live forever!

Panel 2:
[the servers morph into moving nanites, that come together as an android.]
Android: All system checks passed.

Code Monkey: Woahhhh ... we can do absolutely anything!
Android: User, thank you so much for summoning me.  What is my task?
Linguist: Hmm.  Words are really cool.
Machine Learning Researcher: No, wait --

Panel 3:
Android: Great!  I'm going to make lots of languages to study.  Every
community will have its own language.  Many people will think they are
speaking the same language but actually mean totally different things.
Every language will have a totally different way of storing meaning!
I have so made 300 different borg lifeforms holding this goal as their
religion.  Half of the existing websites have been rewritten already.
Linguist: Yesssssss!
Machine Learning Researcher: We should _not_ have hired a linguist.

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