With a little help of friends...

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sat Feb 6 05:48:47 PST 2021

Stick around, there have been onslaughts of 
repugnant creeps and geeks and misfits since 
cpunks beginning. They dump their shit then move 
on, a few come back with even stinkier droppings. 
Set your filter to trash, spamblock, kill the 
motherfuckers, well, not the last, that is the 
kind of narcissistic compliment they most beg 
for. Courtesy enrages and disempowers them, so keep that up.

A guide to the self-pleasuring, circle-jerking pseudonymous-needy bullies:


At 08:30 AM 2/6/2021, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
>Still alive.  Thanks until the end, now or 
>never. My kind of stalkers are not good people. 
>I am convinced of their guilty.  Killers, torturers.
>Please, save my beloved ones.   I know you all are much better than me.Â
>Many thanks.  If the worse happens, it was a 
>honor and a happiness to meet you all, virtually 
>or in person.  Always will love you.  The world is not so big.Â
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