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Sat Feb 6 04:01:01 PST 2021

On 2/6/21, Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:
> Creating agorist or what have you communities, requires intention,
> networking in real life, and action and persistence over time.

I'm worried about Cecilia, Zenaan.  She seems more steady than I or you.

Why do you mention intentional communities?  These places are
wonderful, of course.  You can make them much faster using the income
cryptocurrency provides, but I'm not sure why you mention them.

> The time to start is whenever you choose to start.

Your life is needed _now_, sir.

> Folks want everything handed to them.  That's dysfunctional, so start with a
> better program, right now.

The people who say it's dysfunctional are the people who are
stimulating the random weird needs via advertisement and such.  You
deserve utopia simply because it is easy to provide.  People harm
others less when things are easy.  We need to pair that ease with wise
teaching of contribution, respect, humility, or whatever your various
tenets say.

> Robotics is coming - along with either UBI or some new concept which may
> even do away with that.

We already have both of those pretty ubiquitously as e.g. cars and cellphones.

The new concept is that your neurons can be programmed like a computer
via your cellphone or what have you, even with ad-hoc networking.  You
didn't want to know.

> In the mean time, find actual real life folks you want to be around, and
> create something.

YES.  PLEASE.  And we need help, desperately.  In InterOccupy, we used
to have communication channels between all the global communities in
self-organised hubs.

> Or don't - but perhaps in that case don't complain...


> There are folks all zinging and finding one another, collating all sorts of
> info - happening now, every moment on TG and elsewhere.  Find them.  Comm
> with them.

Where?  Where?

> Create your world.

I can't!  It's too busy creating me!  But yes, please.  With everyone you meet.

> If any topic important to you is challenging, feel free to ask either
> publicly here or elsewhere, or on a e.g. TG group, or e.g. in "private" one
> on one with someone you feel may be useful to help you clarify your own
> thoughts, fears, whatever (e.g., you may email me any time, and most folks
> in my experience are happy to 'chat' if you hit them up with an email -
> quite a few folks have helped me here and there, thank you, you know who you
> are... it always means a lot to me).

I know how to solve all problems, but I have been enslaved to prevent
this.  I know others with this attribute.  Who can I talk to resolve

One of my influences wants to make a quick deep-listening public
hyperintelligence to solve everything all at once.  We don't know the
normal machine-learning terms to describe the parts of this, to do it
in a way others understand and accept.  Do you know where I can
contribute to work in recursive code generation?

Why the fuck are our communications being inhibited?  Why the fuck are
we arguing and getting confused instead of using a quick Consensus

> Here's a random question which arose in a conversation a couple weeks back:
>    What is the "age of consent"?

All ages.  If you disagree, that is when we both learn about each
other.  If there is time pressure, then somebody experienced is drawn
upon to handle the situation.

You need enough diversity of people involved that all present
vulnerable people are protected by those who care about them.

Unless you mean sexual predation, in which case it is only legal to
unwisely have sex with people who falsely state it is okay to do so if
they are over 18 years old in my country.

>    Initially it appears as a statute costructed by 'elected' 'officials',
> with social foundations 'apparently relevant to our general community/
> society'.

Dude, sexual 'age of consent' is just a stop-gap measure to reduce
rape.  We're expected to actually pay attention.

>    Is it useful to our broader community to separate some of these
> concepts?

One we can actually talk productively with, yeah!

>    Should we oppose Satanic child-torturing cannibals?

Let's separate those mixed-together topics and oppose the behaviors
rather than the people, to deter harmful rumouring.

> I tell you this: I'm ... hanging ... on Sunday's Superbowl puppy show…
> Some people are just ... dying ... to be part of it.
> Nothing quite like putting your ... neck out ... for Satan.

What would a good therapist say about what you say here?

Re: murder.  We have a lot of it and need to talk _clearly_ and
_productively_ about stopping it, not spread fear around individual
cases.  We need to protect foremost the people who are somehow
involved in supporting actual help.

> What goes around comes around, and I don't know the exact sequence of God's
> plan, but the Earth has been shaking here and there - something Biblical is
> literally afoot.

Here's an idea: what people learn about combines into action
supporting their values, and that stimulates more spread of
information and learning.

God writes their plan on our bodies, cultures, and planet, all day,
all millenia.

I'm too stressed to share my part of the reference you have, but
obviously we need to grow caring respect for each other urgently.  If
some are left out, the missing part is called awareness, pretty
frustrated it's always suppressed.

> Any interesting phenomena you notice in the sky, whip out your phone camera
> and film it - sometimes your camera will pick up things just outside visible
> spectrum, plus you can zoom in after the fact.

Interesting phenomena occur everywhere, not just in the sky.

> Enjoy the show ;)

This is not a show, it is your future, by your hand and our hand, together.

> Good luck and God speed,

[robotic hug salute !]

I'm worried about Cecilia.  I have a little ability to protect, but
not very reliably.

> On Fri, Feb 05, 2021 at 02:53:18PM -0600, \0xDynamite wrote:
>> Slavery isn't gone in America.  Everyone has to pay someone to live
>> now, practically speaking.
>> On Mon, Feb 1, 2021 at 2:50 PM Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
>> >
>> > Juan, you don't mean these things you say here.
>> >
>> > You don't have to say them in this thread.

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