They caught the BULLHORN LADY, Zendy Harkness

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Fri Feb 5 13:19:07 PST 2021

SchoepJeff - 2h
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Excellent thread Sir. As the Former leader of the largest Neo-Nazi group in the US, I concur with your statement. Extremists heavily target the #Military & have done so w/ a variety of tactics. The large number of veterans in #extremist groups would shock & dismay most Americans.

kkllddbb - 5h
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@Dr_DMilton and @emptywheel
I can tell there’s a problem from the emails/conversations my retired husband has with his lifelong buddies from USNA. I always thought they were intelligent but the stuff they believe is mind-numbingly stupid.

“…There’s always been a slice of the military who romanticize fighting on behalf of the white, Christian ethnostate they believe the US should be. Dehumanizing nonwhite non-Christians and glorifying violence is an entrenched subculture we have to eradicate…”

The U.S. military has an extremism problem…"

saftergood - 5h
“The public deserves as much transparency as possible,” a new presidential directive says.

Jul 20, 2015 - Julian Assange: To be honest, I don’t like the word transparency; cold dead glass is transparent…"

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