Presidential Pardon Campaigns for Ulbricht, Winner, Assange, Snowden...

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Wed Feb 3 19:18:17 PST 2021

> 4 weeks from today it seems.

May be April sometime - the April rains :D

Remember, contingencies not only must be catered for, but are catered for.

Future may well prove past, but future time frames are not always certain.

Just think - how would YOU red pill the world with your frog "plague" upon the "elite" and the rest?

If it took a few weeks or months longer than you thought, would _you_ ensure you continue to troll as needed?

What needs doing needs to de done, and it ain't real if it ain't real...

Hodl the line muffas, this ride just gettin started :)

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