Crypto-anarchy rising

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Feb 1 19:28:22 PST 2021

I usually refer to the present internet as ' anarchic ' and ubiquitous anarchist networking as a desirable goal so long as the ' anarchy ' is trad anarchist and not Lunar Right aryan rants.
Its victory is certainly going to bring problems with it as a huge change affecting almost everyone. 
However, they are a second-order issue and we have increasingly strong AI to help us through 
this phase transition.
' Democracy' and ' democrat' were political swear-words for centuries - now it the turn of ' anarchy' and ' anarchist '  - no biggie. 
The idea of cypherpunks selling encryption is as risible as Las Vegas selling gambling.
Encryption sells itself - why all c-punks should have some skin-in-the-crypto-currencies game.
So our victory is assured and there's no doubt about that. The only question is 'when?'
Why I promote Cypherpunk 2027 - six years at full warp!

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