Crypto-anarchy is also used by hostile nation-states, criminals, and terrorist actors

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Mon Feb 1 17:02:49 PST 2021

On Mon, 1 Feb 2021 23:30:43 +0000 (UTC)
professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:

> Another Batshit crazy cop-type provides a few laughs.

	yeah that's fucking hilarious - that guy 'rutkowski' who I'll assume is a fucking joo, and so clearly a joo-fascist of the right-wing pentagon variety, is whining because he believes  there's 'anarchy' in the arpanet task force and the SSL protocol.

	In other words that jew-fascist is the counterparty of the jew-fascist 'professor rat' who DOES INDEED PRETEND that the arpanet is 'anarchic'. 
	It's the two arpanet 'teams' playing the controlled opposition game. On one hand you have the right wing nutcases like rutkowski, and on the other the 'libertarians' from joogle-NSA, amazon-NSA and all the rest. The right wingers who 'want to outlaw encryption' and the 'good guys' selling snake oil encryption. 

	Again it has to be underscored that the propaganda that professor turd dishes is the infinitely laughable idea that the US arpanet isn't...the US arpanet, but some 'crypto-anarchist' thing. 

	The same bullshit that technofacists like jim bell like to believe. Oh yeah now we have musko-NASA-NSA 'starlink' be used against russia, north korea and the rest of enemies of the pentagon. 

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