Questions for the seeker -- Peaceful transition - THREAD - [PEACE] [AND] [POPCORN]

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Feb 1 10:47:15 PST 2021

There are more and more amazing, "out there", stunning possibilities for our collective future being bandied about.

Next you're on TG, search for Hall Of Records.

We are in a pivotal moment.

Manifest love, creativity, connection with one another.

Just think frens: the Star Trek era is ushering in, which is abundance previously (to normies) literally inconceivable.

For those who are "out there" challenged, you can know this: in the VERY LEAST, the age of robotics (assuming we halt AI which either binds to consciousness, or becomes fully self reflective and wipes us out) means essentilly no one needs to work.

You wanna go to shops?  UBI will cover it.  You prefer to grow your own veggies?  No problems at all!

When everything is "otherwise taken care of", a next challenge we face is how to maintain interest in life and advance ourselves.

Start contemplating.  Find your rocks, your answers for purpose and meaning in your life.

Imagine utopia of great relationships, purpose and meaning in life.

Seriously y'all, if you ain't in the loop - GET IN THE LOOP!  There is a fantastic awakening happening on a daily basis!

So seize your God given right and become a part of our future, right now.  Read, listen, ask, chat, evolve, love.

Fren, if you ain't done so, show up - you gonna be amazed ...

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