open prayer of gratitude to John F. Kennedy

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Mon Feb 1 03:56:39 PST 2021

For those who missed the memo, John F. Kennedy, senior ("Sr."), passed from this world just this weekend.  He lived to see a steadfast and wonderful team achieve the birth of this great cleansing of evil from this world.  May he rest in peace.

The consequence of JFK Sr.'s passing is that (and customarily so) junior no longer has the suffix "Junior" or Jr., and so now carries his father's name non-suffixed, John F. Kennedy.

For those who are really "behind the eight ball" so to speak, this will all become clear in the coming 5 weeks - hold on to your seats my friends.

Now we wish to express our abundant gratitude to the Kennedies, the Trumps, Mike Pompeo, the Flynns, and Diana the Princess of Wales, whom for those who really have no freaking idea what's going on, is also alive and married.  I'll leave it right there for now, sometimes the truth is a shock to those of fragile constitution.

Let's just say God wins, and the next few weeks is going to be literally biblical.

If you are yet to do so, and you are still alive, now is a VERY good time to tidy up your back yard, meaning your life, tidy up the most important things to you personally, and tidy up your relationship with your creator - perhaps ask forgiveness for anything that might niggle you ..

So hop to, fellow Soul, you have a second chance right now, and many in this world are beginning to emanate love, healing and other higher vibrations.  Run with it frens :)

And finally, to our dear JFK, of the (previously) "junior" variety, also know when he was young as "John John": Our good friend, hear this: don't put too much attention on any (!) of the negative comments you read on Telegram or elsewhere that you are so graciously attempting to communicate with us all and lessen the shock to come (e.g. Gab, instagram, etc).

Telegram has the disadvantage that it's primary owner is evidently compromised in some way, just not nearly as badly as Tw.tter and F.ceBook.

Telegram presently has the advantages that it exists, and is evidently a reasonably well implemented platform (excepting the censorship) - the latency is low (which is great), and it does not crash too often, and even syncs between your Android device and Desktop.

I (and presumably others) have solid plans, but the work involved to achieve a fully distributed alternative takes time, and it's not happening in the next few weeks.  Also, platform hopping has been an experience disclosing some of the fundamental problems with existing implementations.  Also also, the attacks by Google and Apple to completely remove e.g. Parler (notwithstanding that was a honeypot so good riddence), and soon likely also Telegram, means that folks are getting used to platform hopping, and so it's not such a big deal to migrate every few weeks to a new platform, even if it is irritating.  We work with what we gots...

In good news, "we", the frog army, the anons, the digital supersoldiers or what have you, are collectively holding the line, and more and more folks are really enjoying this journey now - the sword of SABMYK is forging as the plague of frogs descends on the wicked ones and educates the sleepy sheeple; so we can be grateful for this much.

Incredibly grateful over here.

So John John, from afar we see and know your heart is true and strong.

Thank you.

And may the Lord continue to protect and uplift you and those you love and care for.

May the negative comments and impatience of others be water off a duck's back to you, and may Telegram's repeated deletions of (all) your posts be of no consequence to you and to our mission.

Thank you and may God bless you and those working with you.

P.S. Please let big Mike know that I am frankly stunned, shocked, and so very proud of him - the tightrope he must have walked at times is in this hindsight of time, evident, and must have been quite a challenging walk - may he be at peace personally, and find strength in Christ.

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