Freedom of Speech: Islam Goes Apeshit over Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoons Repub, Quran Eating, and Successful Critical Analysis

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Tue Aug 31 21:53:21 PDT 2021  Censorship: David Wood
and YouTube Community Guidelines: Global Persecution of Christians,
Disturbing Trends

YouTube, FaceBook, InstaGram, Twitter, Reddit, Google, etc
are Censors serving Satanic Purposes of Your Enslavement.

Video Sources for the awake, not the woke...  D.Wood

There is a vast difference between racism (hatred, violence, etc
upon a 'race' of peoples, which by definition does not include any
Ideology or Religion other than those known to be made exclusively
by and for and enforced solely by and within a specific 'race', of which
no others are welcome to adopt... of which none of relevance are
known, being just as fluid as 'race') and critique of ideologies (those
being political and religious). A difference between the followers
(foolhardy, hypocritical, etc when such ideology is exposed or
proposed as such, etc) of any Ideology or Religion, ie: humans, and
the ideologies of force and persecution themselves, ie: Democracy,
Organized Religion, or any other, the very epitomes of immoral force
initiated. A difference between the net degrees of impropriety, persecution,
violence, discrimination, force, etc inherent in various ideologies. A
difference between peaceful open debate critique parody etc to the
debunking irrationality falsehood degree of nature etc, and the critiqued
effecting a supremacy of violence murder etc upon the critiquers.

Those who devolve to simply, indeed moronically and indefensibly,
screaming "racism" at critique and debate, in areas which themselves
have hardly studied, much less comparatively, or objectively, or deeply
so, and seek to censor critique debate freespeech, or are biased as
being whole observants of any critiqued ideology, are questionable
counter sources.

Seekers discern and note all those differences and more,
and freely learn, debate, critique, reference, etc all things.

Seek happily.

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