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Good old fashioned Statist Political Religious Indoctrination,
exceedingly present in the schools in your city too...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1FxfR3lg6Q  Your children worship the State

China Introduces "Xi Jinping Thought" Into School Curriculum For All Age Groups


While Beijing is busy dismantling its crony capitalism socialism with
Chinese characteristics socio-economic system, as it unveils new
crackdowns, rules and quasi nationalizations against its most
successful private (but not for long) industries every day, China is
also putting the communist propaganda into overdrive and is set to
educate its youth on the version of “Marxist belief” espoused by its
president by infusing “Xi Jinping Thought” into the national
curriculum, its ministry of education announced last week.

Already enshrined in China’s Constitution in 2018, “Xi Jinping Thought
on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era” will be
taught to thousands of students starting from primary school level up
into university, the Independent reports.

Aimed at indoctrinating Marxist beliefs at a young age as well as
loyalty to the ruling Chinese Communist Party, the introduction of “Xi
Jinping Thought” in textbooks - similar to what the USSR did - will
help strengthen the “resolve to listen to and follow the party”, the
state-run Global Times reported, citing an official statement.

It will also help teenagers gain confidence in the “path, theory,
system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics”, it
said. And with China announcing overnight it would limit children to
playing online games for just 3 hours a week, think of just how much
more effective China's communist propaganda will be now in
brainwashing its youth.

The national curriculum will be revised to accommodate the 14-point
ideological text and will span basic, vocational and higher education
in school. It will also be integrated into various subjects, the
report said, quoting a member of the National Textbook Committee.

At the earliest stage, primary schools will be tasked with helping
children cultivate a love for their country, the Communist Party and
socialism, the report said. In middle schools, the focus will be on a
combination of perceptual experience and knowledge study which will
help students shape basic political judgments and opinions, all
wrapped by the overarching intellectual prerogatives of communism, or
at least "communism" where a handful of party oligarchs are worth
billions and everyone else is an aspiring debt slave. Then at the
college level, students will learn about theoretical thinking - by
this we can only assume students will "learn" how to reverse engineer
western scientific achievements.

The 14-point “Xi Jinping Thought” says that the Chinese Communist
Party leadership should be ensured over “all forms of work in China”,
the party should take a people-centric approach for the public
interest, it should govern China with the rule of law and practise
socialist core values like Marxism and communism among others.

It also says that the Xi Jinping-led party should have “absolute
leadership” over the armed forces, and espouses an unerring belief in
the One China principle what it comes to the country’s borders.

The above represents the latest move to cement the Communist Party’s
position generally and Xi’s in particular. Which is fitting for a
country which three years quietly became a dictatorship: The
68-year-old Xi abolished presidential term limits in 2018, extending
his rule indefinitely.

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