APPLE stock price rise predictable

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Aug 30 18:24:18 PDT 2021

I  take that as a vote in favor of their decision to scan Icloud  pics for child-porn. 

So I say again this is the only ' Horseman ' ( of the proverbial " Four Horsemen of the Infopocalypse ) with any traction.  We don't need this spanner thrown into our works.

I suggest we proffer critical support to such machine-scanning so long as companies like Apple use it and demand access to the names and addresses of any known serial pedophile offender.

Then we invoke section five of the APster Act to treat this class of criminals as the proverbial car-thieves of Assassination Politics ( and ' Robocop ' )  We have to get out in front of this hot-button issue and make it crystal clear that net-freedom - without anarchism - is nothing but privilege, injustice, pedophilia and scumbag entitlement.
Its crypto-ANARCHY not ' Crypto-privacy '

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