The Antiwar-Nazbol Industrial-Complex

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Aug 30 16:48:25 PDT 2021

A danger exists - and will persist - in our counsels, of the power of an Antiwar dotcom - National-Bolshevik industrial complex 
( Qanon, 8chan, KGB, Wikileaks, GRU Counterpunch, etc )
Such an entity arose due to the outsized influence Americans had on the net circa 1975 - 2005.
Its weakness became apparent once normal people began to outnumber them in 2005.
So it was shored up with help from the likes of Julian Rand Paul Assmange and Vladimir Pooter.
I would barely mention it today except extreme dumbfucks like Donald Trump and Jim Dumbell keep bringing it up. Fucking revolting gasbags! Thankfully a Marxist biowar agent is killing a lot of them off. Its poetic justice and saves us the work. 

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