A govt-corporate-complex capable of global totalitarianism is nonsense

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Mon Aug 30 16:34:54 PDT 2021

I was a fugitive from the Cheney Gang

The last chance for any govt-corporate-complex capable of global totalitarianism was 20 years ago.  They squibbed it. They rolled out COVERT fascism instead.  And if the Gestapo-style spying is top-secret it loses a lot of its traditional fascist power. Its fascism-without-the-excitement, as some wag had it. 
And we've all seen what's happened since then - the USG's power has waned considerably* and the power of the anarchic web has risen almost exponentially.  I said in 2010 the net could  take on every govt, corporation and religion, COMBINED, and beat it. And our power has only grown since then - their power has only waned. TL/DR They old - we young - and such is life.

*Dubya ought to be an honorary anarchist, imho. 

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