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The Information Warfighter Exercise Wargame


by Christopher Paul, Ben Connable, Jonathan Welch, Nate Rosenblatt, Jim McNeive

    Related Topics:
    Cyber Warfare,
    Information Operations,
    Military Education and Training,
    United States Marine Corps,


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The Marine Corps Information Operations Center (MCIOC) conducts an
Information Warfighter Exercise (IWX) — an event designed to provide
training on operations in the information environment (IOE) — one to
two times per year. MCIOC asked RAND to help develop a structured
wargame for IWX with a formal adjudication process. This document
contains the ruleset developed, playtested, and implemented during the
2020 IWX cycle.

The IWX wargame is an opposed event in which two teams of players
compete in and through the information environment to better support
their respective sides in a notional scenario. Teams represent an
Information Operations Working Group (IOWG) or information-related
Operational Planning Team (OPT), or its adversary force equivalent, as
dictated by the scenario. During the game, each team generates a plan
for OIE, and players are then called on to add details to their plan,
amend that plan dynamically in response to in-game events, prepare
discrete game actions as part of plan execution, and make cogent
arguments in favor of their team's actions and against the actions of
the opposed team. A panel of expert judges uses a structured process
and a random element (dice) to adjudicate the success or failure of
actions drawn from the players' plans.

This document presents the full ruleset for the IWX wargame, including
a host of optional rules to allow tailoring the game to specific
preferences, needs of the training audience, or scenarios. Handouts
and aids for playing the game, as well a brief Player's Guide, are
also available for download.
Table of Contents

    Chapter One

    Introduction to the Information Warfighter Exercise Wargame

    Chapter Two

    Detailed Procedures for the Conduct of the Five Steps of the IWX Wargame

    Chapter Three

    Preparing for the IWX Wargame

    Chapter Four

    Other Considerations Related to the Conduct of the IWX Wargame


    Methods Used in Developing the IWX Wargame

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