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> > The chipmunk looked up at the wormhole nanite missiles being fired by
> borg
> > supersoldiers over her head.
>         Nice. Did you use 'AI' to write it, or your own brain?

Thank you for "Nice".

My fingers didn't use a pretrained causal language model to generate text,
but rather I wrote every character with my hands.

I've been asked to share my interpretation of a scene from season 2 of
iZombie in which they use a form of the Boss archetype-character.  Their
character is likely different.

In the scene, their character named Sydney Boss is acting as a christmas
santa for children, as if they are a mall worker.  The character is
interviewed by police and asks that their secret not be revealed to the

The scene of course is ""ludicrous"" and I interpret it as symbolic.  I'm
quite familiar with the term "kids" or "children" for a naive group, but am
not totally sure what it means.  I might use it to mean people who have not
been tortured etc.

I interpret it here as meaning people who are not aware that business and
world leaders basically run organized crime, but are still believing their
marketing.  "Telling the children" could be a megabusiness owner's greatest
fear, but we will do it slowly and gently.

I was asked to relate more interpretations but do not remember them at this
time.  It is hard to relate these things at this time and that difficulty
is why it is in this thread.

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