[ot][wrong][spam][crazy] mc soap opera idea

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 12:18:15 PDT 2021

Some of my mind parts are curious how to make an actual story.

The states of mind around this don't seem big enough yet to write a drawn
out story, and i'm not sure they ever would be, but we have lots of machine
learning language models that could help out ...  Feels like it would work
better if I cast the models as stemming from a horrific research project or
such, which then relates to fact and fiction overlapping, since the models
are clearly in the real world ...

Maybe this story idea would make more sense to me if I imagined that some
of the characters were real.  How would I respect possible real people,
when I'm likely to guess without understanding them at all?  This is
something I value without compromise.

Maybe I could start with clearly fictional characters, and figure out how
to respect them better ... of course when you're in that "paranoid" trance
you think everything's about you ...
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