Gramps lies precede him and his grave lies open in front of him

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Aug 25 22:13:16 PDT 2021

"... Further, RatBoy, the so called man, who is really too much
of a pussy trap agent to actually run the crypto game he
loves to talk smack about and faux wager his pathetically
small dicked stack of just 20Yuan on, is now clearly shilling
and propping links for the US GovPol Left... such as
@PalmerReport, @EmptyWheel, @Gal_Suburban, @SeditionHunters,
@BiPartisanReport (which is in fact not "Bi" but is entirely LeftDemProg
sided), etc without offering any kind of An/Lib/Vol counter narrative,
thus he is hardly the "anarchist" he claims to be,
but instead a prop for Leftist Statists...."

I must be getting under Gramps ostrich-jacketed skin to prompt this sort of vitriol.
Fair enough, I suppose since I took out 2K APster contracts out on him and his fellow Nazi-Fag-Morons, Batshit and Semitch.
So lets go through this - three cypherpunk list contributors have been jailed in legal railroadings where ' Assassination Politics ' was read into the court records.
Jim Bell, Carl Johnson and moi. 
List founder Mongo had this to say about what Nazi-Fag-Moron, Gramps here calls a ' crypto game '.
TIM " I guess now that the Pentagon is setting up a murder pool it can't be illegal for us to do it " MAY. 2003
He went on to wage a small bet against Paul Wolfowitz, then assistant Defense Sec.
APster may be played as a small market tactically - but its also a huge strategic part of overall crypto-anarchism.
Subject: Everyone a remailer: Everyone a Mint: Everyone an assassin

Maybe Gramps can correct the record at Wikipedia if he thinks the assassination markets section where cypherpunks are mentioned is wrong. Maybe Pigs will fly.

20 yuan is only a few dollars - but once a few million supporters of democracy in Honkers chip in that few dollars becomes a few million - even billion. " Going viral ' I believe its called.  Jim wrote about this in the last part of his AP essay. 
The old Soft Drill.
I have bet thousands on more obscure targets - the three I mentioned - plus others once said to be ' protected persons' in the USA.  Since govts stopped prosecuting c-punks for AP related crimes, the US Secret Service now ' assesses ' all threats. It used to ' investigate' all threats.  Why SS agent Bruce Walkinshaw was present at my arrest.

Now am I propping up the corrupt US left? 

Its true anarchism is so riddled with Marxists and morons ( do I repeat myself? ) these days I'm forced to sometimes identify as an extreme, radical small ' L', leftie. 
But that's no Biggie - I only voted once - and that was over 40 years ago - 1977.
I also stand on my record of support for McCain over Bambi and my APstering of Bambi every year of his misrule. Can an any other cypherpunk say they dead-pooled Obama every year?
I also opposed the same Patriot Act he supported.

I will always lean left when opposing the elitist nosebleed type that calls most people ' sheeple. The Batshit, Gramps , Assange type.  Randite, Paultard, Nazi-Nazbol-Fag-Morons, most of them.  The bowtie anarchists. The Austro-Libertarians. The Lunar Right.
I despise their force-propped authority where-ever it lurches up - usually financed by Kochsuckers like Peter Thiel and Vladimir Putin. Leftists like us put the ' politics ' in assassination politics and the historical anarchism in crypto-anarchism.
Bitches leave - like Mongo - he took his pussies with him.

Here's one real easy way to avoid all this 1984 ( written by a leftist ) technofascism youse keep whining about.

Get off the internet. 

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