FCC, RoboCalls, RF Spectrum, State Schools, FreeSpeech, Leftist News, etc

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Wed Aug 25 20:13:00 PDT 2021

>>  https://bipartisanreport.com/2021/08/24/feds-hit-jacob-wohl-with-5m-fine-for-being-a-degenerate/

> Well, I COULD say, "It's about time!"
> However, anybody who has owned a cell phone for more than a couple years is
> fully aware of the flood of robo-calls.   Apparently, the FCC does nothing
> about it.

What's worse is that 100% of all calls CDR's are
permanently recorded forever at the phone switch level.
Any civil suit by FCC or end-user could subpoena proof
of millions of robocalls to make claims, even including
tracking back to unspoofable physical trunks and lines,
and which airborne tower and IMEI, etc.

But the FCC serves political masters, usually replacing
the FCC chair every election, and they are lobbied by
telecom and "services" and "political" industries all of
which make huge money and fraudulently sway elections
off the backs of such robocalls.

In short, only civil suits by civilians will begin to
break the bank of robocallers, and most civilians won't
follow through. So keep enjoying your robobcalls.

Now really what free peoples would ever want an "FCC"
to be involved in their comms? You already have UWB-SS
and encryption and GNURadio etc, so just go
make opensource HW and SW and FABS to give the
final fuck you to that part of the State. Don't forget
to educate people on preserving parts of the
spectrum from noise for important science, etc.

As Freedom does not come without the Education and
Responsibility to enjoy and preserve it.

> Are these people being charged for
> robo-calling?   Or, are they being charged for being "political"?
> And, "the wrong kind of 'political' "???

It is clearly political, as evidenced by the ridiculous amount
of fine that would NEVER have been levied if it were not
Republicans but instead was Democrats doing the robocalling
under a Democrat regime.

>>  https://bipartisanreport.com/2021/08/24/feds-hit-jacob-wohl-with-5m-fine-for-being-a-degenerate/

Further, RatBoy, the so called man, who is really too much
of a pussy trap agent to actually run the crypto game he
loves to talk smack about and faux wager his pathetically
small dicked stack of just 20Yuan on, is now clearly shilling
and propping links for the US GovPol Left... such as
@PalmerReport, @EmptyWheel, @Gal_Suburban, @SeditionHunters,
@BiPartisanReport (which is in fact not "Bi" but is entirely LeftDemProg
sided), etc without offering any kind of An/Lib/Vol counter narrative,
thus he is hardly the "anarchist" he claims to be,
but instead a prop for Leftist Statists.

To be fair, there are more links on those fantastical clowns...

[ps: Did you remember when the Left claimed they were
going to die from fake news Jan6 threats that were never
voiced, never screenshot published for public to see, etc]

[Oh, and nevermind that the FBI just cleared everyone
from any "planning" of Jan6, including Trump and AJ
and the PeanutButter Boys, etc. Left's False Narratives
keep falling apart as usual.]

Much of those links all seems to be...
- Free Speech, only the Left's BigTechMediaFakeNewsSocial
is currently engaged in such massive expansion and
execution of Censorship and Steering and Speech Finance
Cancelling regime for its own political gain.
- Fake paper "laws" on finance, issued by GovCorp,
interfering against the proper functioning of free markets.
- Fake paper "laws" on "fraud", issued by GovCorp,
which free peoples should be more educated to avoid in the
first place... but of course the State's mandatory public
underage young-pliable-mind school systems, which many cannot
opt out of, let alone opt out of the taxation for that crap, will
never teach people Fraud or Finance or Freedom, preferring
instead to indoctrinate them into subjugating and depending
themselves unto the State as Saviour, and now total Woke
Bullshit like CRT, Reparations, OwnNothing-BeHappy, etc.

And more importantly, the links are smalltime nothings compared to
BigTechMediaFakeNewsSocial's in total massive election influence,
12 years mandatory worshipment of State in public school systems,
etc. All that "democratic" leftism adds up to an unfree situation.

All the cell phone buyers and users had to do was
create filter lists, greylisting, pay-for-first-call-through, and
in general opensource and alternative new phone comms
tech etc. But instead they cry to GovCorp to go rule over
other people instead of enabling free markets, to go maintain
legacy corrupt entrenchments, to go keep people unfree and
unthinking, etc... all at murder of gunpoint.

Wake up.

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