China's fascist dictator, Xin Jinping, needs killing ( My 20 yuan )

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Aug 23 13:21:31 PDT 2021

After seeing the destruction of democratic Hong Kong, the Genocide of the Uighur and the CCP sponsored biological warfare attack launched from Wuhan roll around the world I'm happy to outflank the pentagon when it comes to Marxist-Communist opposition. 

Under these circumstances it becomes a great honor to be accused of being a dreadful ' Rightwinger ' by the likes of James A. Donald, John Young, John Pilger, Tariq Ali and etc.
You know... red-fascist scumbags. You know the type!  The worst fascist scum around.

"... WikiLeaks hasn’t spread a word of support for the Hong Kong protesters or for ANY of the lands and countries oppressed by nowadays Chinese government, including Chinese citizens.They just highlight "ooh the US govt is supporting the protests!"

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