CONDE Nast - the worlds largest media arsehole

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Aug 22 23:03:46 PDT 2021

Outside of Wikileaks , the NYT and RT its hard to think of worse media arseholes than those in the Nast stable.
I actually got into cypherpunks through their WIRED zine ( with " Crypto-convict won't recant " back in late 2000 )
WIRED actually used to cover us reasonably sympathetically - so what happened?

9-11 mainly - even Eric Hughes shat himself after that - and of course Mong declared the first ' Crypto Winter '. 
But this loss of nerve seemed to cast a pall over their entire corpse-media operation.
Apart from a brief spasm in the New Yorker of 15 years ago, these zombies have effectively became even more undead.  The thought of anyone in there having anything consequential to say about cryptoanarchy now gets more risible every day.
TL/DR - they old - we young - and such is life.

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