The Root: WTF: How AI Technology Can Send You to Prison, Even If There Are No Eyewitnesses

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> The Root: WTF: How AI Technology Can Send You to Prison, Even If There Are No Eyewitnesses.

> But after the 11:46 p.m. alert came in, a
> ShotSpotter analyst manually overrode the
> algorithms and “reclassified” the sound as a
> gunshot. Then, months later and after “post-
> processing,” another ShotSpotter analyst
> changed the alert’s coordinates to a location
> on South Stony Island Drive near where
> Williams’ car was seen on camera.

The article goes on to describe how the software doesn't even get correct
results when not manipulated, how it has also been deployed in clearly
racist ways, and other criticisms.

Another snippet regarding manipulation, possibly misleading hard to tell:
> Last month, Chicago law enforcement was
> called to end their contract with ShotSpotter
> after it was found that officers have
> requested analysts to change classifications
> of certain noises to gunshots.

Some of these articles tacitly reveal incredible work by unsung heros in
both the defense and perpetration of dangerous information or

Incredible work on all parts, that the public is even aware at all of this
technology.  Technology that, marketed to prevent the destruction of lives,
is also causing this itself.

Regarding accurate discernment of information when using an AI that is
still being developed, this relates to the nature of machine learning and
double-blind scientific studies, and users (and designers) of these
programs need to be trained on such things.

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