Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Aug 20 01:37:02 PDT 2021

Wake up to the New Precedent and Regime of Force...

More news you will NOT see on TV...
A video shared on social media shows a young girl crying in fear as
nurses force-vaccinate her. She cries “no, please no!” and “I don’t
want it” repeatedly, but the group of nurses ignore what she says, her
cries, and her body language, and vaxx her anyway.
Whatever happened to “no means no”?
Wasn’t that a rallying cry of the sluts?
And how about “my body, my choice”?
(For people in Australia)
If you are an employee or student who has received a notice for
mandatory vaccination, contact AFL Solicitors (02) 8277 4556 or
office at
I have uploaded a video on what to do if your employer forces you to
vaccinate (link below). There are 2 download links in the description
of sample letters. (Please copy these details on your video
descriptions you upload, and comments you leave on other videos so the
word gets around.) Barnes Law Legal Litigation

Masks, Travel, Vax, Jobs, Passports, etc
for Corona today... Next up... For Everything Tomorrow!

Wake the fuck up.
Fight back against the force.

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