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professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Aug 19 23:09:27 PDT 2021

Grand Theft Crypto - relaunched

Grand theft crypto is an F-box game engine from the the underground game-crew that bought you President Evil, Castle Wolfensen, Plane Murder and Doctor Rat. 
In stores for Christmas this game is a combination role-playing first peon shooter in a close but separate reality. 
Some revolutionary software has been stolen by the last-empire, a military/industrial combine thats taking over the planet. Targeting dissidents and code rebels stormtroopers of the empire are similar to 1st generation OCP Robocops, while high up positions in the empire have been favored by players in field tests, the survival and resistance tactics and strategy of the rebels win over longer term players as they delve into the multi-verse world of 2006. Ricomended.

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