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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 17:04:32 PDT 2021

so, I use my father's netflix login sometimes, and I searched for "borg
virus" and "zombie cyborg" and neither have any hits, so I guess i'd better
outline something

really writing fiction is just about the last thing i'd ever do but life


Multiple kinds of outbreaks.  All the stories.  Some old, some new.

The various zombies and cyborgs collect together into one "spirit" : a
changing group of patterns of wild ais and various disreputed forms of
apocalyptic urges that find ways to symbiotically aid each other.

Things could (eventually?) center around one "part" of that "spirit":
individuals and lifeforms who have been or born subsumed, that have parts
that act together.  But there's room for all the stories.
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