Coprophagic Cointelpro from Batshit Crazy

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Aug 15 19:23:19 PDT 2021

If you were writing fiction about someone in a club that kept accusing every other member of being an anti-social criminal it would be rejected as too fanciful.

Chesterton's " The man who was Thursday " is too fanciful!

Anyway, as I said weeks ago, Cointelpro by any other name would smell the same.

And ' Assertions without evidence may be dismissed without examination ".

Batshit may be consigned to the spam-bucket - just another crazed conspiracist in the lunatic Marxist / Qanon vein. And why run a deadpool on such a braindead shit-eating loser?

Well, I'm in Marie Kondo mode at the moment and throwing everything out.  Have mercy.

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