Tim Cook has done more for us than the EFF

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Sun Aug 15 03:12:44 PDT 2021

APPLE under Cook has remained staunch against all attempts by the Fucking Bureaucratic Idiots to give mouth-to-arse revival of CLIPPER. 

What has the fucking EFF done for us lately? Or indeed, EVER!?

Cook is giving ground here on the one - horseman ( of the infopocalypse ) with any legs.

That is child protection is the only issue where the broad public might support more net-surveillance. Assuming machine intelligence will be doing the APPLE perving then that could be as uncontroversial as most CC TV is these days.

So its a smart play by Cook to give a little away while general crypto-anarchism continues to make all nation-states and Theocracies moot anyway. 

Two cheers for gated prestige goods and services under capitalism.

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