WSOC Charlotte: Local doctor sees spike in patients seeking parasite drug for COVID treatment

jim bell jdb10987 at
Sat Aug 14 15:56:34 PDT 2021

 Evidently, you are quite confused.  You didn't even directly send me this email, just to the list.  You are implying strongly that I am "anti-vax".   How did you get that?
Everyone else will notice that I never said anything (bad) about vaccines.  And, quite to the contrary, I have long been a firm believer about vaccination.   I don't recall ever refusing an offered vaccine, and in addition, I've sought out a few, including COVID-19 vaccine.  I get the ordinary flu vaccine at least once a year, just as soon as it is available.
I received my second Pfizer shot April 3, 2021, which was just as soon as I could get it, under the local practice.  (I wasn't given the option about which vaccine I would get; I didn't learn which vaccine I had received until about 10 minutes later, when I looked at my vaccination card.)  Other than a rather mild discomfort at the point of injection lasting a couple of hours, there were no side-effects that I could identify.  
 I would have agreed to be the 1000th person to receive it, but the rules limited them to people older and sicker than I am.  So, a few ten million people got them before I did.   If offered to me, I will get the booster:  I am hoping that it will end up being a newly-designed one, that is designed to protect better against the Delta variant.  
You shouldn't be so quick to invent criticizms of people, based solely on your lack of information.  It doesn't look good.  

               Jim Bell

    On Friday, August 13, 2021, 02:42:29 AM PDT, professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:  
 After Jeff Berwick, Julian Assmange and Christopher Cantwell, you may as well go full antivax you stupid, NAZI-FAG-MORON, loser, eunuch.

" Let it all hang out "
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