Truth names

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Aug 14 07:16:26 PDT 2021

If I understand Godel correctly any system may be logical or complete - but not both. 

It follows with a geometric logic that ' Truth ' follows the same power-law. 

So any system based on ' Truth ' may thus be endlessly debated - perfect for timewasting, gasbags - or come complete with lies. 

Perfect for 'pristine ' frauds like Julian Rand Paul Assmange.

Truth lies

"... philosophy as practised nowadays is a waste of time and philosophers a waste of space. More precisely, he wrote that philosophy is ‘dead’ since it hasn’t kept up with the latest developments in science, especially theoretical physics. 
In earlier times – Hawking conceded – philosophers not only tried to keep up but sometimes made significant scientific contributions of their own. However they were now, in so far as they had any influence at all, just an obstacle to progress through their endless going-on about the same old issues of truth, knowledge, the problem of induction, and so forth. .."

Truth threats

Fuck off Karl.

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