The countries that trusted bugged Swiss encryption devices

Peter Fairbrother peter at
Fri Aug 13 12:04:16 PDT 2021

On 13/08/2021 11:06, grarpamp wrote:
>> I heard people recently talking about using _multiple_ OTP's.
>> Not sure how that helps anything but it sounds nice and paranoid.

If the rng is good then using multiple OTPs doesn't gain you anything. If...

> That's probably describing "multiple encryption",
> cascade, or composition.
> In the case of properly used OTP's with TRNG's,
> multiple doesn't help anything since the info theoretic security
> of that system has been proven.

Info theoretic security isn't everything - you might want to use an OTP 
then re-encrypt the ciphertext with a block cipher in order to get 
non-malleability *and* info theoretic security.

You might also want to use padding for message length concealment. You 
might want some form of message authentication..

.. and so on.

Peter Fairbrother

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