Libertarians running for office!

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Aug 13 03:02:42 PDT 2021

The technical term for libertarians running for state political office is ' statist'.

Most libertarians are statist - or ' minarchist ' as they describe themselves. 

The very few that disclaim this - some foolish enough to invoke ' anarchy ' ie the oxymoronic in the extreme, " anarcho-capitalist ' - will have no-one to defend their propertarian hallucinations once anarchists have demolished the state and all religion.

Its annoying to see such statists and brain-dead-losers hang around cryptoanarchist sites.

So much so I'm going to " Galton ' a few of them. Scare off the rest. 
Feel free to join in the deadpool fun - on Tor if you like - since there's nothing seriously wrong with it yet or we'd all know about it by now. 

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