The countries that trusted bugged Swiss encryption devices

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> > XOR OTP was known impenetrable
> > since the 40's.
>         interestingly wikimierda has this bit
>         "First described by Frank Miller in 1882,[4][5] the one-time pad
> was re-invented in 1917. On July 22, 1919, U.S. Patent 1,310,719 was issued
> to Gilbert Vernam for the XOR operation used for the encryption of a
> one-time pad"
>         So...the technique is older than 1940s...

Yeah the OTP is the most well-known highly strong cryptographic thingy,
like quartz in geochemostry.

I heard people recently talking about using _multiple_ OTP's.  Not sure how
that helps anything but it sounds nice and paranoid.

I don't know the cryptography, but I can observe that the xor operation has
half as many output states as input states, and that each one is evenly
dependent on both input states, so if half your input state is both fully
secret and fully random for every bit, the output state is fully random for
every bit too and contains no information on the public input state (but I
have delusions, so check with a crypto mailing list or something).

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