Assange's Case - white supremacists and immigration

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> I have noticed that you haven't bothered to address what Christopher Cantwell ACTUALLY said.   You copied the cite, which had apparently disappeared from the Web, so I went to the Wayback Machine to find the original.

	I also provided a link to in a post you apparently didn't get. So looks like your arpanet and your fucktard phone are not working as well as they should. 

> Given what you have said about Christopher Cantwell, this is a fine opportunity for you to state your objections to what he said, in 2015

	I already replied to all of cantwell's vomits in 2016. And I already mentioned it's all in the archives. 

	Furthermore I sent more messages yesterday that you either didn't get or are ignoring. 

	Last but not least, let me spell this out as clearly as possible : 

	Cantwell was always a white supremacist who pretended to be a 'libertarian' and lo and behold, his right wing garbage was quoted by you as some kind of 'libertarian philosophy'. 

	A few years after you and cantwell defended the borders of the US state, cantwell came 'out of the closet' as an outright white supremacist.

	That's the guy whose right wing defense of the STATE'S BORDER you KEEP invoking. 

> So go ahead, do that.
> Note:  I am not necessarily defending everything Cantwell said, or even much of what he said, but since you raised his article as an issue, 

	For the 4th time, the article is a side note. What matters is your comment on "open borders" and the fact that YOU linked cantwell's article. 

> But open borders in the presence of a command economy and welfare state is decidedly anti-market, anti-freedom, and anti-peace.

	That's a false, unfounded assertion and white supremacist-nationalist propaganda. I already pointed out that open borders and the 'welfare state' are unrelated. I said that in 2016. I said that yesterday, I'm saying it again, and I'm also telling you to fuck off.

> Presumably, Cantwell could have said, "But open GOVERNMENT borders...".    But I think his meaning was clear to his audience.  

		right, open borders refers to GOVERNMENT BORDERS, something you DENIED yesterday. Hey you can't even keep track of your own bullshit. Shocking. 

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