Assange's Case

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Then what are they doing here? If they're making US propaganda, why are they here? Are they trying to drive a few people who read the e-mails on the list crazy? This is a big waste of time for them

And some people are always targeting some of them, which is very disturbing
I believe that cypherpunks defend a country-less society.

If anyone isn't like this, please leave this list

"Castigat ridendo mores"

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> On Thu, 12 Aug 2021 18:27:28 +0000
> zeynepaydogan <zeynepaydogan at> wrote:
>> why does everyone call each other agents?
> I call everybody here a US government agent because they constantly parrot different bits of US government propaganda. See for instance the endless trump spam coming from 'grarpamp'.
> Then you have things like 'professor rat' and 'david barrett' whose job is clearly to get assange murdered.
> Et cetera.
>> why is everyone talking to each other so humiliating?
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