Assange's Case

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> I'm not in favor of GOVERNMENT borders.  I am very much in favor of PRIVATE borders.  
> I have found his statement in the Wayback machine, so I will post it here:
> Open Borders, or Market Immigration? - Christopher Cantwell

	you are again quoting an anti-libertarian white supremacist. Thanks. 

>  I will quote what I see as the key section:"But open borders in the presence of a command economy and welfare state is decidedly anti-market, anti-freedom, and anti-peace."
	That's a lie. Are you pretending that lie is true (and thus admitign again that you DO  defend state borders? )

>  The key is the "in the presence of a command economy and welfare state..."
> Which, no doubt, you 'forgot' and intentionally failed to seek out and re-post.   That's because you are dishonest.  

	So thanks  for admiting AGAIN that you are not a libertarian that you are indeed against open borders. 

	I'll explain the libertarian position again, for completness sake. 

	No libertarian ever defends STATE BORDERS under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. The existence of a 'welfare state' is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT and UNRELATED to the free movement of people. 

> I am in favor of ELIMINATING the "command economy" and ELIMINATING the "welfare state", and indeed ELIMINATING all the governments, without exception.

> My position is consistent.  

	Are you against open borders? Yes? You are not a libertarian. 

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