Jim Bell hates cryptoanarchy

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Wed Aug 11 17:05:10 PDT 2021

The Dumbell was a Statist most of his rotten miserable life ( to 1995 ) Fast forward to a few years ago and he starts associating with murderer's and rapists - you know - the Jeff Berwick, Julian Assange, multi-millionaire LOL-GOP type.

Economic-freedom for me - but not for thee - is not just rank hypocrisy but also violently opposed to cryptoanarchy. 

As Bakunin once sagely observed ...

" Freedom without (crypto) anarchism is PRIVILEGE and INJUSTICE ..."

Why all right-libertarians are universally despised and wear such an obnoxious and toxic air of SCUMBAG ENTITLEMENT. 


TL/DR Jim Bell used to be a useful idiot for anarchism ( 1995 - 2015 aprox )
Now he's just a dangerous liability. He actively supports anti-social criminal millionaires.  FUCK HIM and all who sail in him. 

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