Assange's Case

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> >> Okay - Jim Bells hatred for the USG has reached the lunatic stage 
> > bell is a right winger, just like you. His 'hatred' of the US govt very very selective.
> Then it's odd that I've managed to score 100/100 on the Nolan Chart ever since 1975, when I first realized that I'd always been a libertarian.

	You are clearly not a libertarian. Just go to the archives and read, for instance, your  repulsive defense of the borders of the US state.

	It starts here

	>From jdb at  Tue Dec 20 13:21:27 2016

	"This essay by Christopher Cantwell pretty much destroys the "libertarians must be in favor of open borders" idea."

	To make things even more funny look at who the 'libertarian philosopher' you invoked actually is

	Now to state the obvious, libertarians support the extermination of the state, including of couse, the state's borders. 

> The problem, briefly stated, is "How do you defend a country based on anarchistic or libertarian principles, if they cannot tax themselves to put on a defense?".

	notice the absurd idea that such a thing as an anarchist 'country' can exist. If you were a libertarian you'd know that countries are a creation of the state. 

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