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Wed Aug 11 06:36:37 PDT 2021

> Democrats Leftist economic math...

"Transitory" Price Increases and Shrinkflation Are Forever
Powell admitted "transitory" means that recent large price increases
will stick, but that future price increases will revert back to 2%
per year at some unknown point in the future. In other words, when
you hear the word "transitory," don't think that means you're going
to get some price relief down the road. Prices will remain elevated.
They'll just go back to rising 2% a year instead of the 6 percent-plus
we're seeing today.

Global gold purchases on the rise.

Berlin To Vote On Confiscating Rental Properties From Corporations
In a time when ultra-left progressives, socialists and liberals across
the US are quietly gathering in corners and testing the public mood
with suggestions that the next logical step in the US transformation
to a socialist utopia is expropriation of assets, Germany is actively
moving toward seizing (read confiscating) rental properties from
corporate's only a matter of time before Germany's
neo-Marxist initiative jumps the Atlantic and arrives in that
progressive, proletariat state of the United States.

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