The tactical case for Mange support

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Aug 11 06:27:11 PDT 2021

Putting aside all the well-grounded charges of anti-social, crime, KGB and Nazi propagandizing, etc, the tactical case for Mange hinges on his world-historical importance.

What has he done to justify our support?

As it turns nothing - even by his own 2013 July estimation - except MAYBE having something to do with the defeat of Nurse Ratched in 2016.

There are serious problems with attribution here though. Its hard to say if WL tipped the scales decisively enough to make a difference. 
If you can rationalize this you might decide to tactically support Mange temporarily.
And along with that comes a lot of lying-by-omission so...I hope you're the Journalist type.

Or maybe you're the Manson-Family-type. But do I repeat myself?


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