Journalists and APster - All lies - all the time

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Aug 11 05:56:04 PDT 2021

Having closely followed the APster saga from mid-90's on I can safely say I've read most of the corpse-media reports on it.  They invariably lied about it. When you omit the concluding part of a ten-part essay then that's lying. Lying-by-omission. 

Amid this quarter-century of bad-faith and bullshit from servants of the state, it becomes more apparent that - in any large military-entertainment-complex - the corpse-media is precisely half the problem.

To see the author of the APster essay defend journalism and journalists here is a spectacular exhibition of masochism. Jim Bell may as well hang a large " KICK ME " sign on his stomach. Strategically, I think lying is not something any revolutionary cypherpunk should support. The enemy ramps up its lying-by-omission so long as most people think they run things. People stop believing that - they stop running things.

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