Torsocks Errors

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Aug 11 05:32:47 PDT 2021

On 6/10/20, Se7en <se7en at> wrote:
> I am unable to torify my fetchmail anymore, because Torsocks prevents
> setguid programs from running, which does not interfeer with fetchmail
> but does interfeer with procmail.
> Does anyone know a solution? I am still able to send torified, but am
> unable to recieve torified via pop3 and I do not want to continue this
> behavior.

Since you didn't said or substantiated why you're
trying to dump mail over to another gid, or using
the system MTA, or even picture where the pipes or
execs or commands are happening and called from in
the sequence, what you're trying to do, etc... no one
knows any suggestion except

chmod -s <whatever>

then torsocks won't fail about setgid anymore ;)

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