BOUNTY for deaths of Gramps, Batshit, Dumbell and Semitch

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Aug 11 05:27:54 PDT 2021

Not being numbnut nocoiner - like all the Nazi-Fag-Morons clusterfucking here - I should soon be in a strong position to proffer substantial rewards for all actionable intelligence on the DOXXING, DDoDDING and Destruction of some serial pests on this list.

These Nazi-Fag-Moron scumbags clearly hate anarchism and love Lunar-Rightwingnut fascism. No jury will convict anyone who hunts these turds down and flushes them away forever. 
I will already offer 200 USD$ for each today - that number will rise as cryptoanarchism takes over the global economy.  Large revolutions famously guillotine a few renegades and this one will be no exception.

Welcome to the revolution.

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