Assange's Case

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Aug 11 05:15:42 PDT 2021

Okay - Jim Bells hatred for the USG has reached the lunatic stage where he will defend rapists, serial-murderer's and child-molester's. That might be useful to know for any prospective friends of this lunatic. 
The second part of this Nazi-Fag-Moron's reply has already been falsified. We already have two major-league cases since Snowman. Shulte and the Drone guy. 
Of course the net is a free country and lunatics like Dumb-bell are free to support who they want - like Batshit Crazy's deep love for the Wehrmacht over the pentagon. 
There's no law against being a Nazi-Fag-Lunatic-Moron.

Thank goodness there's also no jury that will convict anyone who catches and kills this sort of scumbag. First rule of the APster club.

" Fascism is not to be debated "

I want to ensure that the US Federal Government is NOT publicly seen as 'winning' a case against Assange...or any other 'enemy' of theirs.  That's because their will be other leakers, and other journalists, who will eventually make their own decisions about what to do based on how 'successful' the Feds are in harassing such people.  

               Jim Bell

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