This entire list...

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Aug 11 05:11:03 PDT 2021

Well either filter the two raging asshole noise agents
that constantly attacking everyone and every project,
the schizo's, and all my junk which not even historians
from 100 years in the future looking to see what random
bits of news from past got erased/lost would dare digest.
Or unsub, thus not seeing anything post-filter of
whatever topics it was that you were looking for
that you didn't say that you were looking for,
that you weren't contributing to creating much of.
Those topics may come at any time.

Ridiculous that in entire history of broadcast
comms protocols such as email lists, that few
bother to learn basic filter practicum and to scan
back through thus sorted folders on occasion...
refusing to do such work, demanding to install
censors and boots over top of themselves.
Apparently the supposed tech genius cpunks
can't even configure maildrop and an MUA.

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