Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Aug 11 04:14:34 PDT 2021

> Global Authoritarian Lunatics Squad

For the unvaxed by choice and/or reason...
Mass job firings, and now Jail, are in full effect...
"Because I don't take a shot they can send me to jail?
I don't agree with that. .. It's unfair. ... I'm not taking the vaccine."
Lawyer intends to challenge, wants to wait and see if Judge Wagner
"violates" his client once the deadline is up.
Major Events Around World Are Being Cancelled, Again

How sneaky Fraudci mandates forcible use of vax with
"think of the children" meme...
"I'm going to upset people on this but I think we should [mandate
teacher vaccinations]."  "I mean, we are in a critical situation
now. We have had 615,000 deaths and we are in a major surge now as
we're going into the fall, into the school season. This is very
serious business." "I'm sorry I know people must like to have their
individual freedom and not be told to do something," Fauci said.
"But I think that we're in such a serious situation now, that under
certain circumstances, mandates should be done." "You surround them
with those who can be vaccinated, whoever they are - teachers,
personnel in the schools, anyone - get them vaccinated. Protect the
kids with a shield of vaccinated people,"

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