FreeSpeech and Censorship: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Aug 11 01:31:11 PDT 2021

> Leftist BigTech Social and News Media has increasingly
> been CensorBanning...

... politicians.

US Elected Politician Senator Rand Paul (Republican/Libertarian)
CensorBanned by YouTube for Exposing Govt Liars  rand paul banned  rand paul banned  rand paul banned

It Is time for UNFILTERED NEWS, this is sickening & YT know what they
are doing - Senator Rand Paul

A civilized society would not make it impossible for people to discuss
opposing views. We are heading for tyranny. The folks at YouTube are
playing with fire... Just like Hitler’s soldiers, “I was just doing my
job” won’t be enough once they are exposed as the criminals that they
are. We aren’t headed to tyranny, we’re living in it. Make a stand!
There is no place for censorship in the 21st century. We should
aggressively challenge it and call out anyone who even attempts to
shut down conversation. Freedom of speech. Freedom of thought. Freedom
of Association. It's all being threatened by these parasites.

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