Cryptocurrency: Action Alert - Fight Drastic Crypto Bill ASAP!

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Tue Aug 10 22:50:58 PDT 2021

> #DontKillCrypto
> "Strike The Whole Damn Thing"

Senator Richard Shelby (R -AL)who Blocked crucial Amendment for
Dangerous Crypto Bill receives most of his Campaign Donations from Big
5 out of the 6 US Senators against Crypto are over 65 years old. Do
you really think they know anything about crypto?
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Accused Of Banking Corruption
Following Move Against DeFi Space.
Ted Cruz’s speech on cryptocurrency goes viral, accuses senators of
‘ignorance’ on issue.
SEC Commissioner Criticizes their own Agency for Taking Unreasonable
and Unfair Enforcement-Centric Approach to Crypto Regulation
After Senate Rejected Amendment To Infrastructure Bill, Twitter CEO
Jack Dorsey Said: “Bitcoin Will Unite A Deeply Divided Country And
Eventually World".
The 6 US Senators Attempting to Kill Crypto Received over 8 MILLION
Dollars in "Campaign Contributions" From Banking Lobbyists.
Cardano Founder Wants Crypto Support Rally In Washington DC.
Stuck in the Cold War Between America and China, Venezuelans Have No
Recourse but Bitcoin. The Venezuelan people just want to stop
surviving and start living.
The same people that asked Zuckerberg “How does Facebook make money?”
are currently debating Cryptocurrency.
An 87 year old Senator from Alabama, born in 1934 during World War II,
named @SenShelby blocked the amendment protecting Cryptocurrency in
favor of military spending.
I'm Todd Brady and I want to make Iowa a Crypto Friendly State

While the bill is still in stages where you
still can act, one summary of the to date...

You've probably heard by now that, despite our best efforts, the U.S.
Senate failed to even vote on any alternative to the horrible
cryptocurrency provision that may kill the crypto industry in the U.S.
This means that wallet producers, miners, Dapp creators, and basically
everyone else will now require KYC of their customers/users or face
harsh penalties from the IRS (the U.S. tax collector). These are the 6
Senators (listed in no particular order) who are responsible for the
cryptocurrency disaster in the Infrastructure Bill. We will remember
their actions and vote them out!

Rob Portman (R-OH) – drafted the disastrous, original cryptocurrency
provision. When Toomey, Wyden, and Lummis introduced an amendment to
fix the provision, Rob Portman publicly supported their amendment
before blindsiding everyone with his own, worse amendment. Portman has
proved himself to be a puppet for Janet Yellen and Wall Street.

Mark Warner (D-VA) – wrote the worse crypto amendment with Rob
Portman, creating chaos in the Senate and causing Portman to recant
his previous support of the Toomey/Wyden/Lummis amendment. Because the
Toomey/Wyden/Lummis was bipartisan and already widely expected to
pass, Mark Warner’s co-authorship of the Portman amendment gave the
Portman/Warner/Sinema amendment bipartisan sponsorship, giving it
legitimacy to contend the Toomey/Wyden/Lummis amendment.

Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) – did not write the worse crypto amendment with
Portman and Warner, but signed onto the amendment later to give it
legitimacy. Kyrsten Sinema was one of the two leaders of the Senate
Infrastructure Bill negotiations, along with Rob Portman. Once Sinema
signed onto the Portman/Warner amendment, it became extremely
difficult for other senators to publicly oppose the
Portman/Warner/Sinema amendment, because it became a symbolic
rejection of the Infrastructure Bill as a whole. This is why we only
saw Republicans who already indicated they would vote against the
Infrastructure Bill publicly commit to the better, Toomey/Wyden/Lummis

Bill Hagerty (R-TN) – 99 out of 100 Senators voted to expedite the
Infrastructure Bill, which would have led to an opportunity for proper
consideration, debate, and voting on the cryptocurrency amendments.
Bill Hagerty was the ONLY Senator to vote against expedition. This
forced the Senate to either take a vote to end debate and force a vote
on the whole Infrastructure Bill within 30 hours, or to take a recess
until September 13, 2021. Once the Senate voted to end debate, it
meant that the cryptocurrency amendments would not even be voted on
without unanimous consent of all 100 Senators. Hagerty effectively
increased the number of Senators who needed to support a crypto
amendment from 60 to 100.

Richard Shelby (R-AL) – 99 out of 100 Senators consented to vote on
the mega-compromise Toomey/Lummis/Warner/Portman/Sinema amendment
which was substantially similar to the good Toomey/Wyden/Lummis
amendment. It was widely expected to pass, and we would have seen a
resounding success. However, Richard Shelby was the ONLY Senator to
refuse to consent, because he conditioned his consent on the Senate
also approving $50 billion in military spending. When this idiotic
ultimatum was rejected, Richard Shelby objected to the cryptocurrency
amendment, leaving Portman’s disastrous, original cryptocurrency
provision intact.

John Thune (R-SD) – the Senate Minority Whip. His ONE job is to make
sure that the Republican senators vote with party leadership. He
failed this TWICE by allowing Bill Hagerty and Richard Shelby to block
the crypto amendments. How hard could it be to get corrupt politicians
to vote with a corrupt party? Just promise to give the Republicans
candy if they vote with the party. I used that strategy to win my
middle school student government election in a landslide.

Also, fuck Janet Yellen. The unelected, 74-year-old Secretary of the
Treasury was the person behind the cryptocurrency provision in the
first place, as well as the Portman/Warner/Sinema amendment. It’s no
surprise that the woman who took $7.2 million in speaking fees over
the last two years (almost entirely from banks) was behind this
attempt, at every step of the way, to systematically destroy
cryptocurrency and DeFi. And of course, because she was unelected, we
have no way to vote her out.

Your continuing to support these worlds "governments" is
obviously horribly extending the years it will take before you
can achieve cryptocurrency promise of p2p financial and
humanitarian freedom and free voluntary choices in your lifetime.

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