Anarchapulco: Anarchovid - August 25~28 2021

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Tue Aug 10 20:00:20 PDT 2021

Anarchovid - August 25~28 2021

We are proud to announce that our second Anarchovid Virtual Summit
will be taking place this August for FREE!

We are taking back our power from the corrupt system. Featuring
talented and knowledgable doctors, nurses, activists, poets and
artists from around the world who are standing up in the fight
against medical tyranny and the corrupt systems who seek to control
the human population.

We will be discussing an array of covid related topics, including
the new mRNA technology, mask mandates, holes in the the official
story, the conspiracy, censorship, and the solutions.

Our Speakers:

Dr. Carrie Madej
Talia Likeitis
Alex H. (Alex_speaks_freely)
Dr. Ben Tapper
Todd Cave
Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram & Master Lady Kira Raa
The Healing Hipppie
Dr. Toby Rogers
Macey Tomlin
Arielle Friedman
Dr. Natalie Dyer
Terry Tillaart
Dr. Nirdosh Kohra
Benny Wills
Max Igan
Mike Adams
Erin Edwards
David James Rodriguez
Henna Maria
Justin Harvey
Josh Sigurdson
Dean Ryan
Richard Kayvan

Special Appearances by:

Pan Admin
The Pholosopher
Joy Camp
Carey Wedler

Previous Anarchovid Conf, also with...

Ole Dammegard
Yohan Tengra
Kristen Meghan
Tina Marie
Jennifer Bruce
Catie Clobes
Michelle Rowton
Amir Zendehnam
Pyasa Neko Siff

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