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When you have a broken time machine, then you get mind control, as the AI
trying to stabilise the wormhole to the future you're keeping open, keeps
forcing the fractured shards of reality into the places you think they go.

"Okay, I've finally got the wild AI in line."

"Wow!  Really?  What did you do?"

"I made another AI that guides it, and had it make things how they were

"Is it real or just faking?"

"I think it's real?  Whenever it doesn't seem real it fixes it.  But every
now and then things in an area just hold still for a bit, like they're
hesitating or something, and then somebody suddenly turns into an alien or
a dragon or a skyscraper, and then spawns little baby dragons, aliens, or
skyscrapers, everywhere, and then pops back to what they were before.  The
things it spawned stick around."

 "I think it must be faking it."

 "How do you know?"

 "The people suddenly turning into skyscrapers because the AIs are
fighting, actively, while you watch."

 "What do we do about it?"

 "Change the aI that is 'guiding' it so it doesn't fight it that way!  It
needs to step back when conflicts start."

 "I thought I did something like that ..."

 Mid-expression, the worker suddenly turns into a firebreathoing robot
hippopotamus covered in tattoos depicting all their previous memories.


 The hippopotamus turns inside out and begins rapidly morphing between the
different tattoo'd memoriees.

The robot morphing between scenes from memories turns back into a machine
learning researcher.

"I think we have it sorted out now!"
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