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The hacker sat in front of the cyborg agent.

"You say your neural augmentations have cybermeasles?"

 "Uvjwn duwn aicjf nrm.  Vpb?"

 "They ... just made you sound out words as if somebody had smashed a
keyboard, didn't they."


 "Okay, this is a big job, but anything can be hacked."

 The hacker connected a jtag cable to the cyborg agent's cortex, in any old

"Nmblf cfn awndjfi?"

 "Try not to move or speak, please."

 The hacker launched their debugger.

> Scanning ...

The cyborg agent's muscles twitched and convulsed as different parts of
their brain and augmentations were enumerated.   A leg kicked hard, then
their tongue stuck out, then they contorted their body into a funny shape,
then they suddenly began clearly reciting every license plate number they
had ever seen ...

> Integer overflow enumerating devices.


"You'll be fine.  Don't worry."

 The hacker opened up the source code to their debugger and altered the
device enumeration structure to use a 64 bit counter.

> Scanning ...
> ^C
> ] preload neural_crashdump.extracted
> 84361572102 devices or cells enumerated
> ] break 1-42000000

The left half of the cyborg's body went almost completely limp.  They
slumped a bit in their seat, half of their mouth hung open, their left eye
started drooping downward.  But their left eyebrow started dancing wildly,
rapidly, and diversely.


 "I'm ... not sure.  Can you raise your right arm for me?"

 The cyborg agent raised their right arm.  Their left eyebrow contracted
into a frown in synchrony.

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